Nacramania was the name the Nacra catamaran I used to own.  I have since bought a Taipan 4.9

This is just a personal page to share my sailing interests.


One of my favorite pastimes is sailing catamarans.  My Nacra 5.5SL is in the photo to the right.  

Which sail boat would you rather sail?


Hull flying.


More hull flying.


This is my favorite way to sail.  Out on the trapeze wire solo.


Nacra_with_spinnaker_1.jpg (14804 bytes)


My boat has a spinnaker that can be great fun or a great pain, depending if you ask me or my wife.

I have learned to do it solo now.


Here is a nice photo of the boat with spinnaker up on the beach.


Sunset spinnaker sail. Wow.



That is my wife Lisa and I rounding the mark at a Southern Maryland Sailing Association regatta.




I sometimes like to crew with other racers to improve my sailing skills.  Me on the left crewing on Dave's Olympic class Tornado in the CRAC Chesapeake 100. I have also crewed I-20's, Nacra 6.0's, a Taipan, .... 


Family Sailing Photo

Family Sailing

We take the kids out sometimes.  They mostly just want to get in the water to play rather then sail.

Our older daugher (age 8) is learning to trapeeze. She loves it.

This is a much old picture of my older daughter. When she was 2.

Patrick_and_Lindsay_on_Nacra_Fall_1999.jpg (33074 bytes)

Lisa_and_Linsay_on_Nacra_Fall_1999.jpg (41230 bytes)

She thought sailing was ok, but what she really liked was dragging her feet in the water.  She still does.

Here is the family on Race Committee duty with the Southern Maryland Sailing Association.


More Photos

This is a good photo of my boat, but it is not me. It seems no one wants to get on the wire and balance on the front of the boat to take a picture of me like this. Oh well.



I also race with the Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC)


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I sail with the Southern Maryland Catamaran Club and race locally with the Southern Maryland Sailing Association


(Updated Aug 2006)