Taipanic is the name of my AHPC Taipan 4.9 F16 Class catamaran. This is just a personal page to share my sailing interests.

You can also visit my old Nacra 5.5SL pages.

The Taipan 4.9 is Australian High Performance Catamarans version of an F16 class beach catamaran.  For more infomation about the F16 class, visit http://www.formula16.net/


One of my favorite pastimes is sailing catamarans.  My wife calls  it my passion. That is me in the photo to the right.  

Me again.

Flying a hull upwind.


Flying a hull downwind.


Family Sailing

We take the kids out sometimes.  They mostly just want to get in the water to play rather then sail.

Our older daugher (age 8 here) is learning to trapeeze. She loves it.

This is my previous boat, a Nacra 5.5 SL



I also race with the Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC)



I sail with the Southern Maryland Catamaran Club and in the past raced locally with the Southern Maryland Sailing Association


(Updated May 2011)