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2007 SMSA June Regatta

Five catamarans participated in the 2007 Southern Maryland Sailing Association (SMSA) Small Boat Summer Regatta June 23rd 2007. Races were held in the Patuxent River near its mouth to the Chesapeake Bay and Solomons MD.

The multihull start consisted of four Hobie 16’s and one Taipan 4.9 F-16 class catamarans. On the Hobies were Jeff and Donna, George and Sara, Rich and Pam and Carter and Scott. On the Taipan F-16 was Patrick going solo. Rich and Pam and Carter and Scott came up from the Saint Mary’s River Yacht Club while the others were SMSA small boat racing regulars. The other classes were Buckaneers (8 boats) and Portsmouth monohull (9 boats).

The race PRO was VERY accommodating to the multihull class and ran longer courses for the cats, using government navigation marks for race marks. In fact he had printed up little charts lettering the government marks so corresponding course letters could be posted on the committee boat. The courses were then not quite Olympic format but made for more fun racing.

The 1st race had a breeze from the West and after a short upwind leg, had a very long triangle mark out where the Patuxent River meets the Bay. Then back slightly upwind to the “C” mark with an upwind finish. However, this leg ran close to shore, which seemed to create a wind hole leaving everyone stranded for a short time. This was frustrating but the effect bunched up the Hobies at the C mark making for a great close finish after a nearly hour long race.

For the second race the wind had shifted around 100+ degrees but the course was quickly reset. The multihull fleet was sent on a big running reach across the river to a triangle mark and back. This greatly assisted the Hobie 16's which excel at reaching.

Before the 3rd race could get anywhere the wind died. Finally giving up, the mark boats pulled the sailboats back to the beaches, lifts, and ramps.

That only left burgers and drinks at the SMSA clubhouse and discussing the wind, the races, etc. for the rest of the afternoon.

Thanks to SMSA that put on a great regatta. They had SIX power boats in addition to the race committee boat moving marks taking photos, and towing boats in when the wind died.

Congratulations to Rich and Pam who took 1st overall for multihulls.

Multhull Fleet

Sailed:2, Discards:0, To count:2, Ratings:USPN, Entries:5, Scoring system:Portsmouth
Rank Fleet Boat Class Sail # Helm Crew USPN Race #1   Race #2   Total Pts
1st Multhull   Hobie 16 62007 Rich Pam 76 2.0 1.0 3.0 3.0
2nd Multhull  Taipanic F16 - Taipan 4.9 Uni Spin 274 Patrick   67.1 1.0 3.0 4.0 4.0
3rd Multhull   Hobie 16 87512 Jeff Donna 76 3.0 2.0 5.0 5.0
4th Multhull Little Wing Hobie 16 78218 George Sarah 76 5.0 4.0 9.0 9.0
5th Multhull   Hobie 16 108116 Carter Scott 76 4.0 5.0 9.0 9.0

2007 Thursday Racing

Regulars for the SMSA Thursday Racing included Patrick on his Taipain 4.9 F16 (Single handing all but once or twice), George on his Hobie 16, Paine and Becca on their Prindle 18, and new for 2007 Mike and his son on their Hobie 16. 

(updated 6/07)