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2000 Fall Regatta

The Southern Maryland Sailing Association Fall Regatta was held in the Patuxent off Solomons Island September 23-24, 2000.  See and for info. 

Several SMCC members raced.  See Troy and Lynn's description on their web page.

George and Erik hanging out between races (photo by Troy and Lynn)

fall00_george_erik.jpg (24216 bytes)

Down-the-Bay - Sept 2000

The Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC) held their 3 day Down-the-Bay race from Annapolis to VA beach Sept 15-17.  First stop was at Glascocks beach in Solomons.   They arrived the afternoon of Friday the 15th and departed early on the 16th.   It was great to see all the fancy new boats. Info at:   SMCC member Bobby was going to race but had equipment problems he could not get fixed in time.

Chesapeake 100 - June 2000

The Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC) held their annual Chesapeake 100 race from Annapolis to Solomons and back on June 3rd and 4th.  It was great to see 22 extra catamarans on the beach where many SMCC members keep their boats. 

C100_Logo.jpg (33584 bytes) SMCC member Bobby raced his Hobie 21.  SMCC member Patrick crewed on someone elses Tornado and placed 3rd for the non-spinnaker class.

Photo: Boats off Solomons Pier at the start of the second day leg back to Annapolis


Other News in 2000

Jim and Tracy have bought Tom's Hobie 16. Tom could not get the significant other out after a few too many spills while learning the boat. Jim and Tracy hope to be active members.

Drew and his Sol Cat have moved to Florida.

(updated 1/05/01)