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3rd Annual SMSA Invitational Regatta, September 25th and 26th, 1999.

The 3rd Annual SMSA Invitational Regatta was held September 25th and 26th. Catamaran participation was light due to a competing regatta in Ocean City offering $1000 in prizes. But we received some very nice plaques with pictures taken from the regatta mounted and some mugs. There were 40 to 50 boats participatating, but the multihull class had just five boats. First place was taken by Bobby and Thea in their Hobie 21 with 4 for 4 first place finishes. Second went to Troy and Lynn in the Nacra 5.2. Third went to Patrick and Lisa in their Nacra 5.5SL. All are SMCC members. Also racing were Tony from SMCC on his Prindle 16 and Chris Bolton who came down from DC to race his Hobie 20. Chris did well with 2nds Saturday, but did not return for Sundays race so did not finish towards the top. Winds were light and flaky Saturday, but were a decent steady 8-10 on Sunday. It was sunny and in the 80's both days so overall quite nice. Thanks to the Southern Maryland Sailing Association for putting on a great regatta.

fall99_start.jpg (45104 bytes) Photo from the SMSA Fall Invitational '99 -- Shot right down the line at the starting gun. The cats shared a start with a class of International Canoes, one of which apparently won the start here. Troy and Lynn are in a close 2nd, but downwind of the Hobie 21 which is about to take wind from both of us. The bow of the committee boat can be seen behind the canoe -- that's the far end of the starting line.  (Photo and description taken from Troy and Lynn's Small Boat Racing Log page.  See more there)

Informal Race Saturday Sept. 4th 1999

Three boats were able to make it to the sail/race on Saturday Sept. 4th.  Hurricane Dennis was on the horizon, and rain was all around, but never hit us. We did a staggered start race from Glascock's Beach to the Cedar Point Lighthouse site, and back. The wind was an excellent 12 to 15 steady (at least in the outer Patuxent River and Bay) making for great sailing except for the heavy chop. Bobby finished first as usual. It was so good, everyone went back out for another lap, although Patrick turned back early due to his new to sailing crewmate, Eric, getting bounced around a little to much. Everyone came back exhausted but feeling great non-the-less.

Sail Sunday August 29th 1999

Four boats gathered Sunday August 29th for an informal race.  Winds, predicted to be 10 to 15, were light and variable, so we headed up the Patuxent River to have lunch at Clarkes Landing restaurant.  It was a drifter, but fun none the less. 

In the photo is Troy and Lynn's Nacra in the foreground, and Tonys Prindle, Bobby and Thea's Hobie 21, and Patrick and Lisa's Nacra tied to the pier.

(Photo taken from Troy and Lynn's Small Boat Racing Log page.  See more there)

Moored at Clarkes Landing

Sail Sunday August 22nd 1999

The informal race on Sunday August 22nd was cancelled due to lack of wind participation due to lack of wind. Bobby and Troy and Lynn did sail the course and said the last leg upwind was tack-tack-tack....

Race Sunday August 15th 1999

The "distance" race August 15th was a great success. The staggered beach start worked out well. We had a guest sailor in Don Behrens and his brother on a Prindle 16. Bobby finished first, as usual.  This was our first attempt at an informal race, and the start of the SMCC.


Thursday Night Race Series Archive

Thursday night racing is done with the Southern Maryland Sailing Association (SMSA) For info and results check the SMSA Small Boat Program page. But better yet, check out Troy and Lynn's great page describing their Thursday night Small Boat Racing adventures on their Nacra 5.2.

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