Tramp Cleated Jib Blocks

Modification of Nacra 5.5SL 4 way jib adjustment to attach jib block directly to the trampoline.

This was a modification based on crew requests.  The wire that crosses the trampoline gives great flexibility in jib adjustment, but is always in the way where the crew wants to kneel or sit.


The photos below can explain thing a lot better then I can, so I will keep my descriptions brief.

Basically, I had  a patch of 2(?) layers sail cloth sewn on to the underside of the tramp, and added two grommets for a place to attach a line to the tramp.  I use a knotted line and quick release shackle to provide some flexibility in jib placement.  Others mods like this I have seen use more grommets to provide more adjustment.

Bottom view:


This is a relatively new mod, but so far I like it.  It really opens up the trampoline and makes it much easier to sit up front.

Disadvantages are

I left the tracks for the 4 way system on the boat.  I can always easily go back to the 4 way if required.

Location of the grommets is key.  I made a best guess based on where I normally had my jib set.  I still need to get more hours on this to see if my placement is the best, then I'll take measurements and post them here.

Note I have a barber hauler I can use for down wind jib adjustment. If you do not have one, you may not want this mod since you will not be able to move the jib far enough out.

Patrick Ragen
Nacra 5.5SL 310
(June 2003)